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In spring 2017 the 4c of BG/BRG Klosterneuburg is working on a school project about radioactivity. Accompanying teachers are Hemma Poledna (history) and Markus Gruber (physics).

The students are working out presentations on various topics concerning radioactivity and mankind's handling especially focusing on nuclear weapons. Students will further explain the importance of banning nuclear weapons and present what international organizations located in Vienna like CTBTO, IAEA or ICAN are doing via videos or sway-presentations. The sways are compiled on the project website .


the project's website
the project's website

The project peaked in a visit to the UNITED NATIONS in Vienna in April/May. The highlight will be a meeting with representatives of CTBTO, where students are discussing the topics they worked on.



Von IAEA - Flag code: [1], Gemeinfrei,


Finally Fiona Schindl submitted the project to the nationwide "Computer Creative Wettbewerb 2017". The class was very proud for winning the second prize in the "Sek1" category. The prize money of € 400,- was predominatly donated to a school project in Ghana.

Infos about radioactivity in physics can be found HERE.

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